The cost of full fee tuition is greater than many of our families can afford. Thanks to our fundraisers and the generous support of our donors, Mardan is able to offset a portion of the tuition for qualified families through our scholarship assistance program. Click here for more information on scholarships.

Full fee tuition for the 11 month school year (September through July) for students attending privately is $188.93 per day of attendance. Tuition is billed monthly. Tuition is all-inclusive; no additional fees are charged for necessary materials or school based classroom activities. Under certain circumstances, the IRS considers the cost of tuition a tax-deductible medical expense. Please consult your tax advisor and medical provider to see if this may be applicable for you.

Additional support services that may be deemed necessary, such as Speech/Language Therapy, Individual Counseling, Occupational Therapy, or Individual Adaptive Physical Education, can be provided on a space available basis for an additional charge. Click to see our complete list of additional therapeutic services and costs. If clinical services are provided for a diagnosed medical condition, Mardan can provide you with the appropriate documentation for tax purposes.