Our Philosophy

All children deserve an opportunity to be happy, successful, and productive. We help children achieve these goals with our unique educational approach, which is based on three simple ideas:

  1. Each Child is Unique.
  2. A Safe and Structured Environment Promotes Academic, Social, and Emotional Growth.
  3. Some Children Need More Than Just a School – They Need a Community.

We know that it is possible for children to achieve their goals in an understanding and supportive environment that nurtures each student’s individual potential. Our primary responsibility is to create a safe and welcoming environment for each of our students. Our dedicated and caring team values the “whole child,” guiding social and emotional development as well as academic achievement, to help our students find fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

We foster a strong sense of community, emphasizing security, acceptance, and belonging. This is invaluable for students who are angry, anxious, withdrawn, have experienced failure, or who no longer trust in themselves or others. At Mardan, their strengths are valued and their weaknesses addressed. Students learn to be responsible for their choices and to find satisfaction in what they can accomplish in an environment where their needs are understood and cared for.