Mardan recognizes that many families are not in the financial position to be able to access our school’s programs and services without assistance. We are extremely grateful that our donors and supporters have made it possible for Mardan to be able to offer partial scholarships.

Scholarship assistance is available for those families whose child would benefit from attending Mardan and who demonstrate financial need. The amount of assistance awarded is based upon a review of a detailed scholarship application along with the submission of supporting financial records.

After you have completed step 4 of the application process, and your child has been accepted to Mardan, you may request a Scholarship Application packet. It will take two to five business days after submission of the complete Application and all accompanying paperwork for our scholarship committee to evaluate your request.

Please note that Mardan scholarships are only available for students placed privately. Mardan ONLY offers partial scholarship assistance for families who have exhausted all other possibilities of additional sources of funding for the period of time assistance is requested. If a family is going to seek any additional sources of funding from ANY party, including school districts or SELPAs, we require that you seek and resolve any possible assistance to be received PRIOR to requesting our funds.