Can I schedule a tour of your facility?2018-09-24T19:09:36-07:00

Generally, a tour may be scheduled after the Student Information Form is received and a Mardan staff member contacts you to discuss whether the school may be an appropriate placement. We cannot accommodate unscheduled or “walk-in” requests for tours. Professionals who want to understand the program for potential client referrals are welcome to call and request a tour.

Do you assess children for diagnostic purposes and/or to determine the appropriateness of placement in your program?2018-09-24T19:09:56-07:00

Mardan does not perform diagnostic assessments, only assessments to track progress. We do request student records (i.e. IEPs, report cards, psycho-educational assessments, etc.), as well as conduct interviews of the parent(s) and student, as part of the admissions review process.

How much does it cost for my child to attend Mardan?2018-09-24T19:10:35-07:00

Please review our Tuition page for details about the cost for private placement. Many families qualify for some level of tuition assistance based on financial need.

District-funded placement in accordance with our non-public school (NPS) status requires a direct referral from the school district or SELPA. Mardan will not support or participate in the efforts of any family to take actions against a district to obtain funding for placement. This includes making any tuition assistance unavailable if and while the family is in proceedings against the district.

How does the scholarship application process work?2018-09-24T19:18:31-07:00

Tuition assistance may be available to those families whose children would benefit from attending Mardan and who demonstrate a financial need. Mardan is unable to grant full scholarships for total tuition costs, and the determination of award amount is based on a detailed scholarship application, supporting financial records, and availability of funds. The Scholarship Committee will review your submittal and notify you regarding qualification and the tuition determination. This process takes two to five business days from the date that a fully complete package is submitted.  Please call (949) 733-1500 for further information.

Does Mardan have a waitlist if a class is closed?2018-09-24T19:19:10-07:00

Mardan does not keep a formal waitlist because most children who require our services have issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible, and those needs, as well as particular classroom dynamics, can change by the time the class opens. However, if the initial intake phone call indicates this may be an appropriate program in the future, we can keep your information on file and contact you to continue the intake process if there is an opening.