Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in potential admission at Mardan School. Below is an overview of our four step application process for families seeking to explore potential enrollment for your child:

Step 1

Fill out the Student Information Form online.

You will be contacted as soon as possible regarding a review of your child’s needs and potential fit with our school program.

Student Information Form

Step 2

Parent Tour and Meeting

If Step 1 indicates that our program may be able to meet your child’s needs, a parent tour and meeting will be scheduled. At this time, we will also request a copy of any relevant school and assessment records for a records review.

Step 3

Student Interview

If Steps 1 and 2 indicate that our program is appropriate, we will schedule an interview with your student. Mardan will not confirm enrollment without a face-to-face interview with the student.

Step 4

Decision and Next Steps

Based on Steps 1-3, we will determine whether or not our program will meet your child’s needs and contact you with our decision and next steps if applicable.

If you are interested in immediate placement, we ask that you follow the four step application process above.