Primary Intervention Program

(Grades K-2)

Mardan offers a primary intervention program designed for high-risk young children who are struggling with social development or impulsive behavior.

The Primary Intervention classes serve children in grades K through 2nd grade:
  • Classes limited to a maximum of 10 children with two teachers – an experienced, credentialed master teacher and a full-time assistant teacher.

  • Designed as a highly-structured, safe, and nurturing environment with clear expectations and firm limits.

  • Emphasis upon helping students learn to regulate behaviors, develop appropriate language skills, and experience success in their day-to-day interactions.

  • Strong emphasis on academic learning, including language arts development, math skills, science, and social studies, using multi-sensory instructional strategies.

  • Targeted social skills development in the classroom, with additional small group support with clinical staff (Speech/Language Pathologist and/or Psychologist).

  • All school resources accessed, including school library, art program, P.E. classes in the gym, and cooking activities in the kitchen.

  • Teachers maintain daily communication with parents to ensure learned skills are being generalized to home and community settings.

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